ThousandLemons started as a way to share new ideas and discover the best multicultural recipes. Our passion is experimenting in the kitchen to bring home-made dishes to the family. The beautiful thing about cooking is that there is always something new to learn. We built ThousandLemons to share our journey with you. Every week we bring you a new recipe to try out. These include Asian, Western, European, and much more.

Our Story

I started cooking when I was eight years-old to help out the family. Growing up I always spend countless hours in the kitchen to find the best. I really enjoy the experience and joy that you can bring your family and friends together. There’s nothing like eating a delicious meal with the ones you love. Home-made food brings the family together and create joyful memories!

“Food is the ingredients that binds us together.”

Let us know if you have a favourite dish or a recipe! We love to hear from you.

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