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Cooking and sharing food is one of the best social activities. It connect people with different cultural and get to know each other in a fun relax activity.  In a multicultural friendly world, we are offering delicious food recipes from all over the world, including traditional, classic, and trending recipes. We are building a community for people with passions of cooking and food to learn and share tips, tricks, and the best recipes. Leave us a comment if there is anything you would like to see.

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Asian cooking including authentic, modern and American Asian food. If you love Chinese hotpot, Korean stews, or Japanese bakeries, this categories is for you.

If you have a sweet tooth, check out this category. It includes cakes, cookies, pastries, and much more. There are European style, American style, Asian style, and more.

Soup is the soul warmer. If you want a bowl of soup on a cold day, check out this category, there are hundreds of soup recipes, including vegetarian, vegan, meat stews, and much more.

Hot sauce, hot chilli oil, jams, nuts butter, BBQ sauces, fish sauce, tempura sauce, salad dressings, dipping sauces, meat marinate, and much more.

If you love dumplings or buns, check out this category. It includes steamed, boiled, pan fired dumplings and buns with different flavours and fillings for all occasions.

From a party salad to a dinner salad or a side salad, this categories offers vegetarian, vegan, keto, fruit, gluten free, seafood, pasta, all in one salad, and much more.

This bakery category including Japanese cheese cake, European cakes and pastries, American pies, Korean redden walnut cake, Chinese pastry, mooncake, and more.

Main dish is the core of the meal. It includes pizza, pasta, burger, BBQ, roast chicken or beef, stir fry on rice, noodles, sushi, stews, meat loaf, and much more.

This category is designated for pasta dishes. It includes, chicken pasta, beef pasta, seafood pasta, vegetarian pasta, pasta salad, spicy pasta, and more.